The Inner Healing School

Teaching the foundations, skills, and ethics needed to be a competent and compassionate inner healing minister


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The theological and theoretical foundations needed to think through issues of inner healing


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The skills needed for compassionate care.


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The ethical training needed to address tough situations.

Getting Back to the Foundations of Inner Healing

There are many fantastic inner healing methods out there: Sozo, Elijah House, Transformational Prayer, HeartSync, and Splankna to name a few, but places to learn a foundational theory and theology of inner healing and the skills to use that knowledge effectively are hard to find outside of a full on Christian counseling degree that is mostly focused on a mental health psychology approach.

The Inner Healing School is a place to gain a foundation in inner healing approaches, helping skills, ethics, and your own theoretical framework that will help guide you in how you think about inner healing no matter what methods you use. For counselors or lay persons wanting to be better skilled in prayer ministry, The Inner Healing School’s mission is to help equip the body of Christ to serve one another with excellence and expertise.

Because we want you to be able to stay involved in the communities and ministries you may already be a part of, all courses are conducted entirely online and there are not set times you must be in class. Course descriptions and reading lists may be found here.

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