There are many fantastic inner healing methods out there: Sozo, Elijah House, Theophostic, Heartsync, and Splankna to name a few, but places to learn a foundational theory and theology of inner healing are hard to find outside of a full on Christian counseling degree that is mostly focused on a mental health psychology approach.


The Inner Healing School is a place to gain a foundation in inner healing approaches, helping skills, ethics, and your own theoretical framework that will help guide you in how you think about inner healing no matter what methods you use. For counselors or lay persons wanting to be better skilled in prayer ministry, The Inner Healing School's mission is to help equip the body of Christ to serve one another with excellence and expertise.


The Inner Healing School plans to launch in Spring of 2018. All classes will be held online and there will not be set times that you have to be "in class". Group discussion forums will provide you with a sense of community with your classmates and instructors.


Enter your information in the form above to be the first to know about launch dates, enrollment info, and other details in the coming months. 


  • Theory and Theology
  • Skills, Ethics, & Inner Healing Models
  • Advanced Topics & Theory
  • Practicum: Case Studies & Mentorship


Optional ongoing mentorship will also be available after completion of the school via emails and monthly phone calls with your course instructors. 

The Inner Healing School will consist of four 11 week courses taken in sequence. You can complete all four in a year or take a break and come back, whatever format for completion fits with your life. You only have to commit to 11 weeks at a time.


Each course will be $500 with a discount to $400 a course if you pay for all four courses up front. We are also working on having payment plans available where you can pay monthly throughout the year.

Book and supply costs are still to be determined but we are doing our best to keep the school as affordable as possible and the texts as valuable as possible. We want all the texts you use to be books you cherish and refer back to for the rest of your life. 


*Projected costs, still subject to change



Leah Lesesne, MA


Leah has her masters in professional counseling and is a graduate of the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry. She is trained in a variety of inner healing methods and is passionate about raising up the next generation of inner healing ministers.


You can learn more about her and her inner healing practice at


Meridee Watts


Meridee has her bachelors in crisis counseling and is also a graduate of the Elijah House School of Prayer Ministry. She is in the process of completing her certification as a horticultural therapist and is trained in several inner healing methods.



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