Course Descriptions

The school is comprised of four core courses that you can complete at your own pace. Recommended minimum time to complete a course is 8 weeks and maximum time allowed is 6 months. All courses are conducted entirely online and there are not set times you must be in class. The majority of the coursework involves reading and writing. After you complete all four courses you will receive a certificate of completion showing you are a graduate of the school.

Elective courses are also available independent of the core courses. These courses may be taken in isolation or to build upon what you learn in the core courses.


IHS 101: Theory and Theology of Inner Healing

In this foundational course you’ll learn the theory and theology behind how to think like an inner healing practitioner. No matter which inner healing models or tools you pick up you’ll need a firm foundation to know how to use them.


IHS 102: Ethics, History, and Models of Inner Healing

In this course you’ll learn how to think through various ethical situations that may arise. You’ll also learn the basic history of the inner healing movement, what inner healing models are out there, the basics of their approaches, what they are good for, and how to pursue training in each model.

women praying for each other

IHS 103: Skills and Advanced Topics

In this course you’ll learn the basic skills needed to conduct an inner healing session regardless of the model you use. You’ll begin to put what you learned in the first two courses together, applying theory and theology to specific issues and learning how to actually apply that knowledge with your skills and ethics when you are in a session.

inner healing practitioner comforting a client holding their hand

IHS 104: Practicum, Case Studies, and Mentorship

In this course you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice. Case studies will be used to help you test your knowledge and skills in a safe environment. You’ll be paired with an instructor to mentor you in your specific areas of interest and help you fine tune your skills and fill in any gaps where growth is still needed.

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