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IHS 104: Practicum, Case Studies, and Mentorship

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In this course you’ll put everything you’ve learned into practice. Case studies will be used to help you test your knowledge and skills in a safe environment. You’ll be paired with an instructor to mentor you in your specific areas of interest and help you fine tune your skills and fill in any gaps where growth is still needed. And you’ll complete a practicum where you’ll get some experience observing other inner healing practitioners and working with clients under their direction.

Reading List

  • CITF Cracks in the Foundation by Steve Backlund
  • Other reading to be assigned based on student’s interests

You will need to email you instructor to establish your goals for mentorship and create your reading list.

Reading List:
Cracks in the Foundation by Steve Backlund 
Deliverance and Inner Healing by John and Mark Sandford
Translating God by Shawn Bolz
Walking in Supernatural Healing Power by Chris Gore
Transforming the Inner Man by John and Paula Sandford

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