All new students begin with the 101 course in Fall term. Classes are offered in order beginning in the Fall, with the exception of 104 which may be taken during a different term as an independent study.

  • Deadline to Apply for Fall Term: September 1st 2019
  • Fall Tuition Due: September 23rd 2019
  • Fall Term Begins: September 30th 2019

2019 Spring Term

April 1st – June 9th

2019 Summer Term

June 24th – September 1st

2019 Fall Term

101: Theory and Theology of Inner Healing

All new students begin in the Fall term

September 30th – December 8th

2020 Winter Term

102: Ethics, History, and Models of Inner Healing

January 6th – March 15th

2020 Spring Term

103: Skills and Advanced Topics

March 23rd – May 31st

2020 Summer Term

104 : Practicum, Case Studies, and Mentorship

June 8th – August 16th

104 may be taken as an independent study during a later term

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